Who Am I ?

In high school, code became one of my hobbies. I was making small programs to help me with my mathematics tests.
Then I discovered EPITA and I had the opportunity to do a lot of projects like a Video Game with Unity 3D or a Discord Bot, to apply everything that I have learned in the first years.
I had the chance to meet a lot of passionate people during those 3 years and went to Chicoutimi in Canada.

Also, I am currently President of the EpiMac association, which role is to provide Swift workshops for all IONIS group students & organizing discovery days of the engineering professions to young high school students.

You will find below my main programming languages.

Feel free to message me !

My Main Competances

  • C - 90%

  • C# - 80%

  • C++ - 70%

  • Python - 50%